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Puppet 2D

An Advanced Tool for Skeletal and 2D Spline Animation

Animate with Puppet 2D

Leading Unity developer creating Swift and Smooth Animation
Inventive studio is at the forefront of game development with Unity. Our developers are specialists are skilled developers and animators working with the most advanced development toolkit for 2D animation- Puppet 2D. The toolkit comes with a myriad of features that makes the whole process of animation quite efficient for our developers leaving no-room for either delay in delivery or deficit in the output.


Puppet 2D is a feature-rich animation tool of Unity 3D that with its easy-to-use tools enhances the quality of outputs in processes like bone creation, spline animation, and mesh skinning by also making them more efficient.

Swift Bone Creation

Quick creation of bones for 2D character makes animation seamless


Tool for automatic rigging and ready-made animations for better outputs

IK Controls

Help in the animation of custom-made puppet or the 2d skeleton

Mesh Skinning

Smooth outlining with mesh skin will eliminate even the tiniest of deformations

FFD Controls

Simplified stretching and squeezing of characters with free-form deformation tools

Spine Controls

Bendy animation controls for seamless animation of character parts like tails and tentacles

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