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Tips, Useful Information & Faqs
  • Telephone – VOIP phones, Jaipur on Brighton dialling codes.
  • Email
  • Mobile (to Project Managers only)
  • DS Projects (Online Project Management Tool)
  • Microsoft Messenger
  • Fax
  • Skype
  • Be clear and concise, bullets work better than expanded sentences.
  • Examples, if you like something, share a link, it’s a good way of communicating ideas.
  • If a single word can convey the main idea of the whole sentence or has greater importance, best to bold it, e.g. ‘Reduce the size of image X by 25%’ or ‘Reduce the size of image X to 25%’.
  • Use specific subject lines in communications to ensure clarity, e.g. ‘Homepage – Layout amends’.
  • Try not to use colloquialisms or slang, they easily get misunderstood.
  • Send your responses to our updates after the close of our India working day, (14:00-15:00 GMT/BST) so when you check in the morning, several hours of work will have been done.
  • During the day, keep communication down to a minimum if possible, we get more done that way, but don’t be afraid to ask questions etc whenever.
  • Use Basecamp To Do list templates and tasks to write crystal clear requirements to ensure effective management and to avoid misinterpretation.
Jaipur is GMT + 5½ hours, BST (British Summer Time)+ 4½ hours.
Frequently Asked Questions
We have several different Design & Development Models. All our rates can be found at Our Models page.  
We have 4 main offices worldwide, with our Headquarters being located in the South Downs, just outside Brighton, (UK). More information can be found at Contact Us.
You are able to take a more hands-off approach, leaving you to concentrate on your normal work. You can also arrange face-to-face meetings throughout the project, and can call up even if that day has finished in Jaipur.
If you consider yourself to be technical enough to liaise directly with a developer, then you may do so.
Yes, we are registered in England & Wales, No 4381390, and are VAT registered, No 868 8581 51.
No, we have over 600 full-time members of staff.
We are a total game services company, not just designers & developers, click below for more information.
Our minimum timescale for hiring a designer / developer is 1 day (8 hrs). Daily hire is a little bit more expensive at £95/day for a Developer, and £150/day for a Developer and a Project Manager.
Clients are informed in advance of such days, and we work weekends to catch up, so no time is lost by our clients.
Generally no, but we can do for very tight deadlines, and for catching up after a national holiday.