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3ds Max / Maya

3DS Max / Maya

Supremely Engaging 3D Games with Photo-realistic Graphics
As a global service provider of high-quality casual and AAA games, Inventive Studio has a large stack of technology and a brilliant pool of developers skilled in them. Our workforce has been engaged in the development of 3D games, animation, and graphical models of characters, weaponry, and other game assets. They also have a keen understanding of the feature-rich suites of 3ds Max and Auto-desk Maya gives way for the swift development of games with supports like quick rendering and game engine workflow. Their unparalleled capabilities of using these advanced tools help them to create your dream game idea into reality with perfection.

Amazing Features of 3ds Max

3ds Max is indeed an amazing program for the creation of 3D computer graphics. The software has interoperability with all the major game engine including Unreal, Unity, Revit, Stingray, and Fusion 360, which makes it extremely valuable in maintaining the workflow of 3D game development with supreme efficiency. Other features that make 3ds Max the ideal software for our dedicated team of 3D designers are :-
  • Better DPI Support
  • Enhanced UV Mapping
  • Spline Support
  • Direct Interoperability with Engines
  • Voxel Skinning and Heatmap
  • Rich Asset Library
  • Quad Chamfer
  • More Text Map Types
  • Local Mesh Align
  • Advanced Booleans fro modelling
  • Animated Deformers
  • MCG Animation
  • 3D Art and Shade Renderer
  • Workflow Game Exporter
  • Simulation CFD Support

Maya for 3D Animation

At Inventive Studio, we work with a very talented team of Maya developers and Auto-desk specialists, who are adept at creating pixel-perfect graphics for game characters, weaponry, vehicles, and other assets. Their skills are the perfect match for the software’s efficiency that gives way for the swift development of games with supports like quick rendering and game engine workflow.
  • 3D Animation
  • Character Design and Animation
  • Character Design and Animation
  • Simulation
  • Better DPI Support
  • Poly-Nurbs-Subdivision for Modelling
  • Materials and Lighting
  • Shaders
  • Tools for Particles and Effects
  • Game Engine Workflows
  • Time Editor
  • UV Editor
  • Advanced Animation
  • Integrated Character Design and Animation

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